Creating your E-book Cover Image

Your book’s Cover Image will be used in many places:

  • In the Amazon, iBooks, etc. listings
  • In the ISBN agency listing; that is, your book’s Books in Print listing
  • Inside your eBook

Different distributors (Amazon, iBooks, etc.) have slightly different requirements for your book’s Cover Image. To satisfy their requirements:

  1. Create a high-resolution original cover Jpeg (.jpg) image.
  2. Use an image editing program, such as Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, to scale that high-resolution image down to the sizes needed by each distributor.

Note: At a minimum, keep your finished high-resolution original cover. Distributors generally don’t enable you (the author) downloading a cover you previously uploaded. It’s good practice to keep all the individual pieces of text and images that you used to make up your cover, in case you want to edit or duplicate the cover later.

As I learn how to do this step, I will document the details on this page.

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