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Adding a Link inside your Vellum Paperback

Links are very handy in eBooks generated by Vellum, but how do you add links inside your paperback? This post covers one alternative: QR Codes.

What is a QR Code?

A QR, “Quick Response” code is a 2-dimensional barcode, that can represent arbitrary text. In your paperbacks, you can use QR codes to embed URLs – links to web pages – for your web site and for your books’ pages on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc.

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Choosing the List Price of My IngramSpark Paperback

UPDATE September 9, 2023: I’ve changed all our books on IngramSpark from “Returns=Yes-Destroy” to “Returns=No”, after reading Lisa Chavari’s April 2023 post, “Why my books are no longer returnable through Ingram“.

Once you’ve written your self-published paperback book, how do you choose a list price for it? How much will you make per book? How will book returns affect how much you make? And what about the list price in different countries, with different currencies?

This post covers my attempt to answer those questions for myself, printing and distributing a paperback book through IngramSpark. Please come along for the ride!

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Putting Your eBook on Kindle Unlimited

UPDATE June 2024: We’ve taken all of Linda’s books off of Kindle Unlimited, because the sales made through KU were less than the sales we could have been making by distributing her books on all other platforms (such as Apple Books, Nook, and Kobo). In short, Kindle Unlimited’s Amazon-exclusive requirement was a losing proposition for us.

We recently moved Linda’s eBook The Maiden Bride to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. This post covers what we learned.

Disclaimers: I’m not a lawyer; You should seek legal advice before pursuing the publication process I describe below. This post covers my personal experience at the time of posting; the process and Amazon’s Terms of Use will likely change over time.

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Avoiding CreateSpace book cover size issues

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of publishing¬†Linda Needham’s most recent book through Kindle Direct Pubishing (eBook) and CreateSpace (paperback). Her book is the 20th century historical romance, “The Legend of Nimway Hall: 1940-Josie“.

In the process, I learned a lot about indie publishing (see this site’s Creating eBooks menu for my notes so far) and experimented with how to make a CreateSpace book cover (a professional created Linda’s book cover).

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