The Needhamian National Anthem

(I apologize for the MIDI format of the anthem, which you need to download to play.)

Land of the Townsend’s Mole – the Needhamian National Anthem
(all rise)

Land of the Townsend’s Mole Saint George did fell
Where our Co-Presidents happily dwell.
Needhamia! Your land may be fictional in parts
And yet, you have a vast domain within our hearts.

Where else on Earth can one find such a land
Where sunlight dapples ferns placed by God’s hand?
Needhamia! Your history may be cast in doubt
But look — your valleys, hills, and trees are all about.

Worldwide, Needhamians join us in song;
Distant inhabitants swelling the throng.
Needhamia! Your citizens we may fabricate
Yet, counting all the hearts of friends, your land is great.

Music and Lyrics by Brad Needham