Elvis Has Left the Building

Sure, everybody claims to have seen Elvis…but how many people get to be Elvis?

It all started early in 1998 when Silverna McCall, the Drama director at HilHi, enigmatically asked me “How’s your Elvis impression?” Little did I know that she was producing the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and that, although she had assembled from HilHi’s student body the most amazing collection of singers and actors, she was short one adult baritone to play the part of the Pharaoh. Not quite knowing what to expect, I said “yes”.

A shockingly short time later I was standing under the bright lights, crooning my heart out surrounded by enthusiastic highschoolers. It was a blast. …and an honor to participate in such a wonderful production with such incredibly talented kids.

Adult Me, as The King in a cameo in Hil HI’s Joseph
Adult Me, as The King in a cameo in Hil HI’s Joseph

The highlight of the whole experience happened a few days after closing night. I was reading the local newspaper’s letters to the editor and read a glowing review of the show. The reader noted the great performances of the students, including my name among them! That letter showed me that, although you can’t go home again, you can catch a little glimpse of it.